If you wish to transfer your existing mobile number please complete the form below.

To transfer your existing phone number to Australia Post TravelSIM we require all details in the form below. Before proceeding please be aware that:

     - you can only transfer your number once in any 30-day period

     - by transferring your number from your previous provider you will terminate any contract and they may charge a fee

During business hours transfers usually take between 3-4 hours. It can sometimes take longer and if this happens you'll be informed via email. 

We respect your privacy and will keep you updated using the email provided below to notify you when your transfer request has been completed and only contact you via your mobile number below when required. 

Transfer existing number to Australia Post TravelSIM request

In order to successfully transfer your current mobile number to Australia Post TravelSIM we require all fields below to be completed.

Full Name (as it appears on their current service providers account):


Date of Birth (must match the D.O.B with your current provider):

Residential Address (as it appears on their current service providers account):

Mobile Number you want to transfer to Australia Post TravelSIM:

Who is your current provider you wish to port your mobile number from?:

Is your current plan a pre-paid service?:

What is the account number for the plan linked to your mobile number you want to port?:

What is the account number for the plan linked to your mobile number you want to port?:

I authorise TravelSIM Australia to transfer this number. I also confirm that this is my mobile account and that I have authority to request the transfer of this number. I also understand that TravelSIM Australia will only transfer my number once the details associated with my previous provider have been successfully validated. I’m also aware that if my handset is from another provider it might need to be unlocked and TravelSIM Australia can’t do this for me. 

I understand and accept that by transferring my number I am terminating any contract with my previous provider, that no credit will carry over from this provider, and they may apply conditions or charge a fee, and I will also need to finalise my account with them after the transfer of my number to TravelSIM Australia has been completed. I understand I can only transfer my number once in any 30-day period. I acknowledge that switching to TravelSIM Australia may result in disconnection of services (including value added services) relating to the above mentioned mobile service number(s). A valid email address is required in order to receive transfer completion notification. I understand that information may be provided to other people to assist with account setup such as porting or fraud teams. 

I understand that the number transfer will be rejected by my current mobile provider if the date of birth or account number I provide is incorrect, or if my mobile number is currently disconnected. TravelSIM Australia will make reasonable efforts to let me know about transfer completion on the day it happens, and will also let me know if there are any delays along the way that stop them completing the transfer (this includes incorrect information provided by the customer like, incorrect account number or date of birth). 

Transfers will usually take only a few hours during business hours but may take longer. They are usually complete within 3 business days. You can continue to use your old sim card until it stops working, there may be a short period of service interruption while your number transfers. Your TravelSIM Australia sim card should be active shortly afterward or by 8pm that same day. 

I acknowledge that my mobile number that I am transferring to TravelSIM Australia may be supplied to other carriers to allow call and messaging routing, complaint handling and network fault management.By confirming to the Transfer I agree to enter into a new agreement with TravelSIM Australia. If I choose a TravelSIM Australia no lock-in contracts I’m free to leave whenever I want and if I choose a plan with a contract there are charges with terminating this contract early. 

For TravelSIM Australia no lock-in contract plans or any TravelSIM Australia product paid monthly without a contract: If I leave before the end of my plan period TravelSIM Australia won’t refund the amount of my monthly payment. 

I agree to TravelSIM Australia performing a credit check on my details if on Post-Paid/Contract. I agree to begin the transfer to TravelSIM Australia today.