Frequently Asked Questions

What is Australia Post TravelSIM?

Australia Post TravelSIM is an international SIM card that makes travel better. We provide great rates on data, calls and texts in more than 180 countries.

But we also know that travel is about more than cost - it's about the experience. So we help make your experience easy, smart and safe.

Should you need it, our customer support team is available to assist. Our free smartphone App means you're always in control, with instant access to check your balance and recharge. Plus, our great value data packs to over 90 countries provide extra savings while you travel.

We've been helping travellers stay connected for more than 10 years, and we'd love to help you too.

Will Australia Post TravelSIM work in my phone or tablet?

Yes, remaining connected with Australia Post TravelSIM® has never been simpler. Before you travel, replace your SIM with a Australia Post TravelSIM® to use data, voice and SMS around the world. The SIM will work in any unlocked 3G phone or tablet.

Can I use the internet?

Yes, you can use data, calls and texts with your Australia Post TravelSIM. Mobile data will enable you to browse the internet, check emails, access maps, catch up on social and so much more when you travel. 

If you're heading to any Zone 1 country and want to use data, check out our great value Zone 1 Data Packs that will save over 80% on our already low rates.

To purchase Zone 1 Data, GO HERE!

What are the rates and coverage of Australia Post TravelSIM?

Visit our rates page to check out our rates and coverage map.

While there, take a look at the 90+ Zone 1 countries and see if the country you are visiting is on there - if so we recommend a Zone 1 Data Pack.

Where else can I buy Australia Post TravelSIM?

  Australia Post TravelSIM® can be purchased HERE or over the counter at any Australia Post outlet.

How can I activate my Australia Post TravelSIM?

To activate your Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM go HERE.

Where is my Australia Post TravelSIM phone number?

Your TravelSIM number can be found >

  • In your account in the Dashboard section.
  • To access your account click on the icon of the person in the top right corner of any screen.
  • After activation, the phone number will appear in your account and it will also be emailed to you.

Why use the Australia Post TravelSIM App?

Your Australia Post TravelSIM has an App that helps:

  • Manage your account from anywhere in the world 
  •  Easy top up worldwide 
  • Simplified international dialling 
  • Access to help, support and live chat 
  • Instantly check your balance

How can I top up?

Top Up using one of the options below.

  • Use our FREE Australia Post TravelSIM App to top up directly from your handset - the easiest option
  • Add credit via our website
  • Call or chat to our Customer Support Team on +61 2 9233 5165

How long does my credit last?

Overseas Credit and Data Packs expire six months from your last successful payment with Australia Post TravelSIM.  If you wish to save any unused credit, you can simply recharge within six months and your credit will roll over for an additional six months.

If you have a Local Plan your credit will reset to six months every month you make a successful payment.

How can I check my balance?

To check your balance: 

  • Use our FREE Australia Post TravelSIM App - the easiest option
  • Log into your account
  • Free Call or web chat to our Customer Support Team on +61 2 9233 5165

How can I set up data for my Australia Post TravelSIM?

To access data with your Australia Post  TravelSIM

  1. Insert the Australia Post TravelSIM SIM into your device
  2. Your data should automatically work and you can use the internet

Need Help: Click Support and chat to our friendly team

How do I call or text from my Australia Post TravelSIM?

Dial with the app:

To call or text from the app, dial like you normally would and let the app take care of the rest.

From your handset:

To make calls or send texts from your keypad you will need to dial in full international format. 

To contact a mobile number (e.g. 0427 841 501) dial:

+61427 841 501


  country code

mobile number without the leading zero




To contact a landline (fixed) number (e.g. 02 9233 5165) dial:

+6129233 5165


  country code

area code without the leading zero

landline number




To make dialing easy, download and use our free App, it takes care of the international format for you.

How do people call or text my Australia Post TravelSIM number?

We provide you with a new Australian mobile number which means your friends and family can call or text you anywhere in the world for the cost of making a local mobile call or text.

For example, even when you are overseas they would dial like you are in Australia: 0485 850 123

Family and friends who are outside of Australia, will need to add the Australian international code and drop the leading zero.

For example: +61 485 850 123

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