Prepaid TravelSIM® Activation

IMPORTANT: The new Australia Post TravelSIM is now live with greater global coverage and rates. Plus, it is free to receive calls in over 180 countries. It’s the ultimate travel upgrade.

If you are departing in over 1-week: Complete the form below and we will send you the new Australia Post TravelSIM - free of charge.

If you are departing within 1-week: Activate your current SIM. Please complete the form below and our team will contact you at the requested time. Please have your SIM card and personal identification (Credit Card or Passport) with you at time of call. Upon return, please contact us and we will upgrade you to the new Australia Post TravelSIM free of charge and transfer any remaining Overseas Credit.

Activation / SIM Upgrade Request

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For activation, please advise a preferred time for us contact you (on the above phone number):