Privacy Policy

Australia Post TravelSIM® is powered by TravelSIM® on behalf of Australia Post. Under this arrangement, TravelSIM Australia Pty Ltd provide prepaid telecommunications services to customers who have purchased the Australia Post branded TravelSIM® card.

Australia Post provides no operational support for the TravelSIM® product. The product is sold by Australia Post over the counter or online. Australia Post may collect some customer details through online sales, which are passed onto TravelSIM® for fulfilment. All transactions are conducted by TravelSIM®.

When establishing an account, your personal information will be captured and you may opt in to receive promotional marketing material from both Australia Post and TravelSIM®.

Australia Post with TravelSIM® is committed to providing our customers with excellent customer services. Whilst handled by Australia Post, your personal information will be handled according to the Australia Post's Privacy Policy. Alternatively, whilst in the possession of TravelSIM®, your personal information will be subject to the TravelSIM® Privacy Policy.

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